Lafayette debuts traffic box mini murals featuring local zydeco legends

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Two new art boxes were unveiled today in lafayette.  The traffic boxes showcase the work of local artists.

The two art-boxes are located at the corner of Willow Street and Evangeline Thruway.

News 10’s Lester Duhe’ has the story.

“What it does is, it just furthers the creative economy and it introduces the public to some of our incredible musicians in a unique and such a positive way.”

They are traffic signal boxes that have been transformed into public art.

It’s part of Project Front Yard’s beautification efforts and in support of the community vision idenitified in plan Lafayette.

The newest boxes, known as Zydeco boxes, are the work of artist Dennis Paul Williams.

“This is an opportunity to share with our creative community that we have a lot of potential that hasn’t been explored. And so them giving me the opportunity to do that, is an opportunity to do something a little different.”

The boxes aren’t just here to beautify the community. They’re also here to keep the legacy of zydeco music alive.

The boxes depict iconic zydeco performer Nathan Williams with his accordion, and his brother, Zydeco dancehall owner Sid Williams in front of his legendary club El Sido’s.

The artist is also Nathan and Sid’s brother.

“And so it’s great. This is the kind of win that we need to introduce some of our best artists and musicians to the community at large.”

Reporting in Lafayette,  Lester Duhe’ KLFY News 10.












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