See what new stuff can go into blue recycling bins around Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) In addition to the already accepted #1 and #2 plastics, Lafayette citizens can now begin to recycle the majority of #3-#7 plastics through its curbside and drop-off program.

Items such as plastic tubs and lids, plastic deli and bakery containers, and cups and trays that were previously unaccepted will be taken as a recyclable commodity through the program.

This change is a result of Lafayette’s recycling vendor, Republic Services acquiring the Waste Connections Material Recovery Facility in Baton Rouge, where Lafayette’s single stream recycling material will now be sent to be sorted.

The Baton Rouge recycling facility has the sorting equipment in place to separate out the more marketable plastic bottles and jars (#1-#2 plastics) from the less desired #3-7 plastics to attain a better quality mixed plastics bail for buyers.

Some plastics remain difficult to recycle through the single stream system and will continue to be excluded from the recycling program, such as Styrofoam, bulky rigid plastics (plastic totes, buckets, furniture and kids toys) and plastic bags and film.

Lafayette’s recycling program continues to suffer from significant contamination problems in the recycling stream being sent for processing.

We stress to all residents who utilize Lafayette’s recycling system to please ensure that all recyclable material placed in the cart is clean, dry and free of debris.

A recycling cart should not be used for yard waste, construction debris, textiles or any material which contains food or liquid waste.

Residents who have excess garbage each week that doesn’t fit inside of the 95 gallon trash cart have the option to purchase an additional trash cart from Republic Services.

Yard waste can be placed in a separately purchased can for collection and items such  as cardboard, paper, metal cans, and plastic bottles and containers are encouraged to be  placed in the recycling cart to be repurposed into other commodities.

These separate solid waste collection services not only assist the community by diverting recyclable material from the landfill, which keeps our garbage rates stable, but it also provides a benefit to residents by maintaining enough space in the garbage cart each week to dispose of any remaining items.

For a complete list of acceptable recyclable items through the program, please visit


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