Student brings loaded gun to school causing lock down at Northwest High

OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – Northwest High School in Opelousas went under lockdown today after a loaded gun was reported on campus. No one was hurt, but it leaves a community concerned.

“It hurts to hear that a student would bring a gun to school to try to harm other students that are innocent,” says Yesmine Bates a junior at Northwest High.

The suspect’s parents did tell the St. Parish Sheriff’s Department that a gun was missing from their home. According to authorities, the suspect is in custody for questioning.

During the lockdown, all students were searched before they were allowed to leave campus. Some parents were able to get into contact with students inside, but tensions still ran high.

“I’m just concerned because you know it’s bad enough we’re dealing with bullying now with them bringing a gun to the school is just getting out of hand,” says Norma Leday.

Leday has two grandmother children that attend Northwest high. She says she is ready to see a change in her community.

“Please, I just ask y’all; please let’s get together in the community to help the school to find out what we can do to make our kids safe to come to school,” says Leday.

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