This week was “Take your parent to PE class,” at schools around Acadiana

LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) A group of Lafayette Parish students got a chance to have PE class with their parents.

PE with a parent was held all week at the Truman Early Childhood Education Center.

As News Ten’s Renee Allen learns, there’s more to Physical Education than meets the eye.

“We can do a little or 60 minutes at a time throughout the day. It doesn’t have to all be at the same time. There are so many healthy benefits from that as well as such as wellness benefits, emotional health and cognitive health.”

Becky Ohlenforst is a Physical Education teacher.  Ohlenforst says she’s been teaching for 32 years—eight years at Truman.  What she incorporates in her class is what the students are learning throughout the year in terms of instruction.

“So I follow their sequence of themes throughout the year such as top, bottom, sides and positional language.

Ohlenforst says this week is special. She says it’s National Physical Education Week sponsored by Active Schools.

“We use music all the time. We incorporate rhytmic movement in a lot of activities,” adds Ohlenforst.

These students and parents are learning both physical and coginitive skills.

“The more we stay connected with the home, then the more successful experience they’re going to have at school,” says Ohlenforst.


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