Lafayette: National Night Out

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Tuesday night at the Martin Luther King Center law enforcement and the community came together as one for National Night Out.

There was a performance by the Northside High School band, free food, drinks and entertainment all in an effort to form lasting relationships between law enforcement and the community.

“It’s a good way for the community to get to know the police officers out here that are working on our streets every day and it’s a good way for them to get to know us as well”, Tina Shelvin Bingham said.

Rosalind Hayes with Colonel James Lewis #20 Templar and Friends who teamed up with LPD to host the event said, “Breaking down that fear and building trust and we stand together to say we will not tolerate crime in our streets.”

With first responders and community leaders in attendance, people had the opportunity to meet one on one and get to know those who can help them in times of need.

“It’s time for us to meet with them and for them to talk to us about issues they’re having. Meet with the kids and let it not be the only time we meet with them is when something bad happens. So, it’s all a part of our community policing efforts” Cpl. Karl Ratcliff with the Lafayette Police Department said.

Hebert Green sees National Night Out as a vital part of growing police and community relationships.

“Informal open dialogue between the community in law-enforcement, which is essential to the positive changes that we want to see come about in our neighborhoods”, Green said.

In Louisiana, National Night Out is held on the first Tuesday in October every year.


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