Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office says they are well prepared if a tragedy would strike Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – 59 people are dead and over 500 were taken to the hospital for treatment following the deadliest mass shooting in modern history in the United States that occurred in Las Vegas Sunday evening.
So how is the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office prepared to handle a situation of that magnitude?
“We’re always going through training cycles, and learning from everything that’s happening throughout the country,” said John Mowell with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.
He doesn’t like to speculate what they would if a situation happened in Lafayette, but says the department is fully equipped to handle whatever circumstance they come in contact with.
“At every major event going on throughout the Parish, there’s always major security events, there are always officers in the area, both in uniform and out of uniform,” said Mowell.
Lafayette knows to an extent as to what Las Vegas is going through. In 2015 a gunman entered The Grand Theatre in Lafayette,  killing 2 (excluding the gunman) and injuring more than 11.
Mowell says deputies are always going through training cycles and learning from everything happening around the country.
The Sheriff’s Department also has an active Intelligence Unit, active SWAT Team, and more.
He says they also spend a lot of time training alongside local police departments and GOHSEP, to coordinate how to respond to emergency situations throughout the Parish and Louisiana.
“I can tell you we devote a lot of time in training in dealing with the public and dealing with different kind of scenarios that take place,” said Mowell.
News 10 also spoke via e-mail to a representative with the Lafayette General Medical Center Medical Center, and they said they are also prepared if a tragedy happened, with annual drills for emergency preparedness situations.
As a Level 2 Trauma Program, they can take in as many patients as need be, if a tragedy would happen.

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