“Best of 90 Plus” retired agriculture agent traveled to Africa

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – In this week’s, KFLY’S Best of 90 plus we introduce an Opelousas man who lives and breathes all things agriculture. “I worked here as a county agent for 25 years,” says Dalton Comeaux of Opelousas.

In fact, Comeaux explains that back then he was the only county agent who stayed in one parish for 25 years until retirement.  “Most of them would transfer from one county to another county,” says Comeaux.

Comeaux is a fascinating man with a zest for life, head over heels for agriculture and a sense of humor that stands out. “I’m just a young man.  I’m only 50.  Wait let me see.  I’m 95, (he laughs),” says Comeaux.

Comeaux says he graduated from LSU with a Master’s Degree and from UL with a Bachelor’s of Science — both in agriculture.

Comeaux says he worked as an Ag County Agent for St. Landry Parish until the day he retired. “My director said go to Opelousas and help them with the first Yambilee.  I came over here and spent a week.  We had the first Yambilee. We had 500 farmers exhibiting sweet potatoes,” adds Comeaux.

Comeaux explains that he met his wife while they were in college. They had one daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren  “If we had a problem, I sat here and she sat there and discussed that problem for 5, 10 or 30 minutes until we solved it,” explains Comeaux.

Comeaux has traveled to Africa to teach Tunisians about the importance of allowing cattle to graze. “Those cattle never went out of the barn. They brought them their water once a day, they feed them once a day and milked them once a day,” says Comeaux.

Comeaux says he’s lived the life he wanted to live. “I’m still enjoying life here. I gave the farm to my grandchildren. I go and check it out once a while,” says Comeaux.  He adds that he did the things he wanted to do but took care of himself in the process.  “Don’t overdue things that hurt you,” adds Comeaux.

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