LPSS holds roundtable discussion

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – In the board room of the LPSS building, board members held a discussion about fine tuning some of the ways Lafayette schools can improve.

Topics ranged from more desirable programs for all to transportation for elementary school kids.

The purpose of today stems from data requested by board members.

The school board is made up of nine members, four of them make up the schools of choice board.

They met this afternoon in a meeting that was open to the public.

It was the second such meeting since March after the board requested detailed information about statistics like enrollment, interest, and graduation rates.

“To find ways to improve it and grow on it and make some of the policies more streamlined,” says Azadeh Yazdi.

Yazdi is the Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator for Schools of Choice.

She says the goal is to obtain balance for all Lafayette schools.

“Raising the other standards to meet the existing standards that are already in place for those programs proven to be successful,” says Yazdi.

The school board has no set timetable for decisions on topics discussed today.

It is unclear if another meeting would be necessary.

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