Breaux Bridge student hospitalized Wednesday; her parents speak out

BREAUX BRIDGE (LA.) KLFY- The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Department and the St. Martin Parish School Board are officially investigating an incident that left one Breaux Bridge High student hospitalized.

Regan Boudreaux, a junior at Breaux Bridge High loved to cheer.
As a flyer, she was dropped in a stunt and suffered a concussion at practice.
When her mother reached out to the school to find out what happened, she says she was shocked.
“They told us that two weeks prior to practice she had fallen but they knew what to look for, they specialize in recognizing concussions and stuff like that and that she didn’t experience any symptoms,” said Regan’s mother, Terra Boudreaux.
Regan went to see the school’s concussion specialist and was discharged after 6 weeks and was cleared to cheer again.
After getting a second opinion from an outside doctor the Boudreaux’s learned that Regan was not okay and had suffered a severe concussion.
On Wednesday, Regan’s mom received a phone call from the assistant principal.
The school said that they had found Reagan disoriented and bleeding from her nose and her mouth and that they didn’t know what happened to her.
“I told him that I needed to know if she had hit her head, or what type of incident she was in because she had a concussion before,” said Terra.
The school said they couldn’t give her any details about the incident because there were no cameras were the altercation took place in the cafeteria. The assistant principal told her they would have to go by what witnesses saw.
Terra says other students have told her that Regan was defending a friend that has autism. Supposedly a football player shoved her friend and Regan stepped up.
“He got shoved, they said that Reagan got in front of him and told the football players to just leave him alone. And that’s when the football player shoved her. And that’s when they’re saying that they don’t know if she hit him back but he hit her in the face multiple times,” says Terra.
Regan spent three days at Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She is now home recovering and with the help of friends and family putting together the pieces on what happened that day.
“She went to homecoming last weekend and she doesn’t remember that,” says Terra.
Reagan has experienced severe memory loss. She can’t remember the last three months or what happened that day.
The Boudreaux’s have been told that there is an investigation into what happened, but that isn’t enough.
“You can’t tell me that it wasn’t intentional what he did. No he didn’t mean to give her a concussion or whatever but he meant to hit her and how many times did he hit her I don’t know,” says Terra.
We reached out to the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Department and the School Board, both said there is an investigation but gave no details.

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