Food Net Food Bank of Lafayette reports food supply shortage

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)-  As hurricane relief efforts continue, resources are becoming scarce for a local food bank. Like any business, there are high and low times throughout the year and organizers say October is a low for the Food Net Food Bank of Lafayette.

“I’ve seen situations where I was in need ya know,” said Volunteer Velnar Zinnerman. He has volunteered for Food Net Food Bank for about two years now and describes it as a rewarding experience.

“Volunteering here, just makes me realize what a great place America is. I mean, if there’s a hurricane over there, we send help over there, okay if we have a tornado over here, they send help to us.”

The Food Net Food Bank of Lafayette has served Lafayette Parish year-round for the past 30 years, distributing items to local food pantries for those in need.

Organizers and volunteers of the food bank say they are now in need of Acadiana’s help. “Right now our food supply is low,” said Executive Director Julie LaFleur.

“For the month of October, we are in need of food. November and December we anticipate holiday food coming in. So this is just a short time where we just need to restock our shelves and get more food into the food bank.”

Restocking is key during this time of year for the food bank, as hurricane season continues and the holidays are near.

Zinnerman says the dire need for resources is an unforgettable experience something that no one should ever take for granted. “I always remember, that it could be me next time. I may need help. So hopefully, somebody will help us the way we help them,” he said.

If anyone would like to give items to the food bank, there are multiple Super One Grocery drop-off locations listed on their website here,  as well as, the main warehouse location on Surrey Street.





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