People of Acadiana flood the streets to honor Corporal Michael Middlebrook and his family

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – People from all over the state lined the streets of Lafayette, to pay their respects to Corporal Michael Middlebrook, his family and the Lafayette Police Department, with flags flying high and their hearts full.

“I’m out here to support him and his family,” said Joellen Coussan.

One by one, from old to young, people came to watch the funeral procession of Corporal Middlebrook.

2-year-old Ellis William Curry, who wants to be a police officer when he grows up, was there dressed as one to honor the deceased.

9-year-old Peyton Chapman and his little brother also were in attendance.

“We’re here because the officer died, and we just wanted to come and support him and see all the officers,” said Chapman.

All who attended did so in support of those who risk their lives for our safety and wear the badge with honor.

“Lafayette’s a wonderful town. It’s got some great people in it, and they love to come out and show their support,” said Bob Patterson.

Corporal Middlebrook was a 9 year veteran of the Lafayette Police Department, who leaves behind a wife and a young daughter.

Everyone at the procession is keeping his family in their thoughts and prayers.

“He did good work, we should be proud of him. I know she (his wife) probably is, and the family is probably proud of him. I am, so I know they are,” said Denico Vallier.

With emotions running high, strangers who didn’t even know Corporal Middlebrook and his family showed up, to give a final thank you to him, for keeping their city safe.


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