The benefits of music education are more than what meets the ear

ST. MARTIN PARISH (KLFY) – For most of us, music is entertainment but for others it’s an educational opportunity.

According to a recent report, music students tend to have higher than average SAT scores.

Band Director Mike McFatter says the fundamentals of music are like any other class.

In music class, students learn to read by way of music.  Students can learn teamwork and leadership.

“They need to know the way things are going to get done; if they are patient.  If I’m working with somebody else, there are sometimes five different instruments in the room.  They got to be patient.  It’s a learning process,” McFatter explains.

In music education, a student learns by doing.

“Music is unlike any other class where as you can sit in a math class and do a worksheet the whole time.  These kids are actively engaged in playing that instrument.  The physicality of it.  The aesthetics of listening to a song and saying why does it make you feel this way” says McFatter.

McFatter says just as any other course there’s a moment when a student reaches a satisfactory end result.

“They know when that happens.  If we would cut off and say you forgot to play that or do that, then we haven’t quite got everything in sync.  We do it again and again.  They’re like ‘that’s what it is?’ They are like ‘yes’,” he says.

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