Coast Guard: sunken, dislodged boats cause pollution concern after Hurricane Nate

NEW ORLEANS, La. (KLFY) – Hurricane Nate’s force displaced and sunk vessels along the Gulf Coast, causing worry of possible water contamination.

The Coast Guard is working with Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, to assess pollution and recover dislodged vessels in the following days after Nate’s landfall.

According to the Coast Guard, there are currently two vessels in the Pass Christian Canal, one of which is sunk and the other is hard aground.

Both vessels have containment boom around them due to concerns of pollution. The vessels are being removed by the owners under Coast Guard supervision, according to an official statement on Monday.

In the Pass Christian Harbor there is currently one 60-foot vessel sunk. The Coast Guard and DEQ have placed containment boom around the vessel due to pollution concerns. The vessel should be refloated and removed this afternoon by the owner.

In Moss Point, River Road, there are currently three vessels, one of which is lying on its side, one partially submerged, and one aground. DEQ and the Coast Guard are working with the owners of two of the vessels to have them removed. The Coast Guard is still trying to locate the owner of the aground vessel.

The Coast Guard’s goal is the safety of the people, environment and property, working together with state and local agencies to reach these goals and bolster interagency relationships.

If you have any information regarding pollution in the waterways, please call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 or the Coast Guard Sector Mobile command center at (251) 441-6211.


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