Ville Platte woman continues raising money for breast cancer awareness

VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – Joyce Latigue’s daughter was 22 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

This came shortly after losing her 23-year-old son in a car accident.

Instead of sitting in her sorrow, Joyce decided to take action.

Creating a group called “Sisters On The Go.”

A name fitting of the motion.

“You can’t just sit here and do nothing. You have to do something about it and that means you got to go,” says Latigue.

Latigue raised $10,000 over the span of five months to cover her daughter’s medical bills.

Her daughter has now been cancer free for 10 years now but she says the group has lost members to the disease time and time again.

All of these experiences continue to drive her work today.

“I want people to know who I am and what I’m about. It’s not about me. It’s about helping others,” says Latigue.

Joyce continues her work all over the community and state. If you’re looking for her, she’s not hard to spot.

“I wear pink every day…something pink every day. If you go in my closet I have about 25 shirts with pink in it,” says Latigue.

Latigue says the group is stationed at St. John’s Baptist Church in Ville Platte.

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