LPSS submits proposed bid recommendations to A/C three additional school gyms

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Three more Lafayette Parish Schools are on the school board agenda for Wednesday.

They are next in the series of schools to ask for money to have air conditioning systems installed in its gyms.

Wednesday’s recommended bid request is for Broussard Middle, Edgar Martin Middle, and Youngsville Middle Schools.

The proposed bid is for $1.28 million for all three schools.

Jeremy Hidalgo is a board member who has two schools in his district on the upcoming agenda.

There’s no parish around us that is in the situation we are in.  They all have air-conditioned gyms and there’s a reason for that,” states Hidalgo.

Hidalgo says even when the schools are being used for other purposes the district has to make arrangements being there’s no A/C.

“For example at Milton, we have elections at Milton Elementary. A lot of times they have to be moved to the smaller cafeteria rather than the gym because of the air conditioning situation,” adds Hidalgo.

LPSS board member Justin Centanni explains that it makes no sense for schools in this day and age to not have air-conditioned gyms.

“I’m sympathetic to the fact that kids are supposed to sweat during P.E. but not all the time and especially when you take a school like Lafayette High.  At Lafayette High, when you have a full school assembly you have close to 2,800 people in a small enclosed area with very poor ventilation,” Centanni says.

Several of the board members we spoke with say its money well spent.

“It’s a way for us to spend money that benefits children across the parish and makes the schools function a little more effectively when they need to get the students together,” adds Centanni.

LPSS Chief Administrative Officer Joe Craig says at next month’s school board meeting nine more schools will go before the school board.

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