Safety tax on ballot in Iberia Parish

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY)- In Iberia Parish, Saturday’s election features races for Louisiana treasurer and public service commissioner, as well as a half-cent sales tax proposal for New Iberia residents.
 This half-cent safety tax would help re-establish a police department in New Iberia.
“The public safety taxes is a no-brainer. What community wouldn’t want more public safety,” says Marlon Lewis, a New Iberia Council Member.
“We’ve had the sheriff department since 2004. It was a great experiment, but a failed plan,” says Lewis.
If this tax passes the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Department would lose $6.3 million a year in funding.
“Just know that the citizens will be, if the tax passes, we will hold them accountable for the safety of us,” says New Iberia resident and business owner Albert Moore.
Mayor Freddie Decort hopes that a new and improved police department would be made up of longtime New Iberia residents.
“A relationship, that’s what we’re missing here. A relationship with the police department because let’s face it, we do need protection,” says Moore.
Lewis says “We need our New Iberia Police Department back so that we can grow New Iberia. Most importantly we want to move this city forward.”
Saturday’s ballot also includes races for Louisiana treasurer and public service commissioner.

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