Watershed program looking to alleviate drainage issues in Acadiana

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Last week officials in Evangeline Parish met to discuss solutions to a drainage issue that has plagued the parish for quite some time now.

It may just be talks at the moment, but over at the Acadiana Planning Commission, the first steps are in motion to attempt to alleviate the problem across Acadiana.

“Drainage is something that affects us all here regionally,” says Deidra Druilhet of the Acadiana Planning Commission.

Druilhet says it is no secret that drainage is an issue throughout southern Louisiana.

The massive amount of rainfall and large bodies of water lead to a recipe for water problems.

“Being that you have some of your biggest water sources. You got the Vermillion River…Mermentau in some places,” says Druilhet.

She says the solution does not lie in helping just one parish.

“What we’re doing is a lot of outreach meetings to the local parishes,” says Druilhet.

Insert the watershed program.

“It is not just an individualistic approach to addressing drainage but it’s basically a regional planning approach so basically for the entire Acadiana region,” says Druilhet.

Druilhet says the program is new and is still in the phases of preparation.

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