Abbeville applying for grant (again) to help with drainage in the city

ABBEVILLE, La. – The city council in Abbeville has unanimously approved to re-apply for a Capital Outlay Grant, that specifically deals with drainage improvements throughout the city. 


“An old city such as we are, we have an old system,” said Brady Broussard, Abbeville Councilman, District C. 


Prone to flooding, Abbeville is working to do something about it, in four particular areas throughout the city.


“We are prepared, we are anxious, and we are looking forward to the cooperation of the Governor, for the 2018-2019 budget,” said Broussard. 


The unfinished coolee at Robert Wells Drive and Wildcat Drive is just one of the 4 projects they’re focusing on, as it breeds mosquitoes, holds water, and is still unfinished.


“One of the areas is the Godchaux Park area, that will get a bigger outflow so we will empty rain accumulation to the river, quicker,” said Broussard.


Another area is South Louisiana Street and Lafayette Street, where there are a number of commercial businesses in the area, and whenever it rains heavily, the streets flood. 


“The fourth area is Cedar Street, where we’re going to put a barrier over what is now a big area, where we require our water to move out of the city,” said Broussard. 


The four projects would cost an estimated $500,000. The city will have to pay at least 25% of that amount, but it will not come out of taxpayers pockets. 


“This is not an extra tax, an extra cost, we have been carrying this in our budget since 2011. We think this is a good time with drainage being a hot topic, that we probably will be able to get it this year,” Broussard said. 


He says that the state government will fund the grant at their discretion, and they hope to find out their decision next summer, when the new budget starts.

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