Boy Scouts to welcome girls in 2018

LAFAYETTE (La) KLFY- The Boy Scouts of America will soon include girls into their organization.
“Scouting has got a great presence, long time presence here in Acadiana,” says Art Hawkins the Executive Director of the Evangeline area council Boy Scouts.
He says he’s excited to see the upcoming changes.
“The program of the Boy Scouts Americas is not gonna change we have not gone out we have not developed any new programs,” says Hawkins.
Elementary-aged boys and girls will have the same opportunity to earn the same award, and according to Hawkins, girls have been active in Cub Scouts for a long time.
Hawkins says, “If you talk to our leaders you’ll find out that the sisters of these young boys come to the den meetings are participating in the activities are building the pinewood derby cars to going on campouts as a family just Cub Scout it has always been and will always be a family oriented program.”
With the new changes, girls will now have the benefit of getting recognized for what they are accomplishing.
“They are doing the same thing the brother is doing, the brother is earning the badges but Susie hasn’t and so this is just really rectifying that missed opportunity,” says Hawkins.
Girls won’t be integrated into the program till 2018, but the local chapter says they already have girls interested in joining.

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