State legislation makes medical marijuana more accessible to patients

Parks, La. (KLFY) – It has been an ongoing fight to obtain medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana was approved by state legislature in the 1970’s.

It has stayed that way since then but with one problem.

No easy way of getting it to patients.

“Never did the legislation say how do you grow it… how do you dispense it… how do you prescribe it… how do you track it,” says State Senator Fred Mills.

Mills and his team created a legislation to help carry out the procedure involved with the process.

The legislation passed with help from his sponsorship.

“It’s legal in over 30 states so i just thought it’s something that patients at least deserve the opportunity to have that option,” says Mills.

Part of what makes Mills unique to the bill is his other profession.

He is not just a Senator but a pharmacist as well.

He has seen first-hand the benefits that can happen for his patients.

“I was real passionate that it will help…I know it will help,” says Mills.

The name of the legislation is the Allison Neustrum Act.

It received it’s name in honor of a woman who passed away from cancer but pleaded before her death that the legislation be passed to help those who suffering from the disease.

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