Lafayette Parish parent shares concerns on new satellite bus stop

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- The Lafayette Parish School System continues to face scrutiny from parents about their new bus routes and satellite stop locations.

Many say they have reached out to the School Board and Transportation Department, leaving voicemails with zero returned calls.

One new satellite stop parents claim is far from safe for their children.

One parent, April Montgomery said: “The drivers that’s going through, they not thinking about that.  All they (are) thinking about is ‘This bus is in my way.’ ‘I need to get to work.’ “

On September 25th, the Transportation Department received a letter from a local landlord requesting all bus stop services be removed from their property. From there, a new satellite stop was put into initiative on the corner of Cameron and Jeanne Street.

From there, a new satellite stop was put into place on the corner of Cameron and Jeanne Street.

“Sometimes, the choices are limited,” said Transportation Coordinator Joey Simon. “That particular area we’re speaking off is a limited area. We can only have a certain number of places we can effectively and safely put the children on board.”

With the peak of traffic being in the early mornings and mid-day, parents say the location is dragging their kids directly into cluttered madness.

Even end-zone stops are becoming a nightmare.

“People will take those side streets as shortcuts, to get out of traffic and now they stuck behind the bus that way.Because the bus doesn’t just pick up like you’ve just seen they pick up and they go,” Montgomery said.

It has resulted in parents taking out their cell phones to document the reckless drivers.

Several calls were made to the School Board since August.

Now in mid-October, parents are demanding answers.

“We’re not heartless,” said Simon. “We are trying to help the community. And if any businesses would want a satellite stop, by all means, contact us.”

Concerned parents like Montgomery says it takes a village to get this issue resolved. “I’m thinking about not only my children but everybody’s children at the bus stop,”  she explained.

Lafayette Parish School System TRansportation Department added that without the willingness of local businesses to offer their land or property, the satellite stop will remain where it is.



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