Sunset mother speaks out after her daughter was struck by a truck

SUNSET, La. (KLFY) – 12-year-old Alexis Aaron, a student from Sunset Middle was walking to her bus stop like normal on Friday.

“We always walk right here me and my friends,” she said.

That routine trip to the bus stop turned into a frightening situation when a car hit her.

“The little glass thing on the side, it hit my arm, and like it made my arm bruise, and I had just [fallen] back on my friend,” Alexis said.

Her mother, April Aaron is angry because she feels this could have been avoided if her daughter didn’t have to walk on the busy highway to get to her bus stop.

She says it’s a lifesaving difference of a few hundred feet.

“Why can’t the bus stop here, right here, and then stop over there to pick up the kids, it would be a whole lot easier, so no one would have to get hit by any vehicles,” Aaron said.

She adds that with no sign that a bus stop is near, and with people going so fast along this road, this situation could’ve been a lot worse.”

“So they going about 65 or 70 miles per hour on this road,” April Aaron said.

The speed limit is 55 miles per hour.

“One thing could’ve led to another, where death or the coroner’s office could’ve been sitting right here picking up my child,” said Aaron.

She says she’s called the St. Landry Parish school board numerous times to complain about the lack of sidewalks, no signs indicating there’s a bus stop nearby, and that it’s too unsafe for her child to walk on the side of the road, especially when it’s dark out.

“As concerned parents we all deserve our children to be in a safe area, going to school safe, coming back from school safe. They leave the house one way, we expect them to come back the same way,” said Aaron.

In response to the accident, St. Landry Parish school board Superintendent Dr. Patrick Jenkins released a statement saying: “This morning’s accident did not involve any of our buses or staff. The accident occurred with one of our elementary students and a privately owned vehicle before school started.”

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