The 81st International Rice Festival has kicked off in Crowley

CROWLEY (La) KLFY- The 81st International Rice Festival kicked off Friday night in Crowley.

The International Rice Festival is the oldest and largest agricultural festival in Louisiana, and the festival’s host city boasts themselves as rice capital of the world

Festival-goers are able to enjoy food, music, and rides all weekend long.

“Each and every year at this time of year this is the end of the harvest season for the rice. The farmers have gotten the rights out of the fields and it’s all about celebrating that process of the hard work and dedication that are farmers in this area actually put towards the rice industry,” says Festival Chairman, Chad Monceaux.

The 80th Rice Queen, AnnaLisa Meredith says, “Celebrating this year as our harvest is absolutely amazing, we are able to think the farmers. It’s what we’re celebrating it’s for them and being with them and them celebrating what they have accomplished in their life.”

Around Acadiana, rice harvest was delayed due to heavy rain in early July, but the Louisiana rice industry still has plenty to be thankful for.

“Sometimes you know we can kind of lose the purpose of the festival with all the fun and excitement and the bands and the food and different things going on. But I think it’s really important that we realize and remember that it’s to support and celebrate the harvest of the rice,” says Monceaux.


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