“I’m so sorry to them for their loss;” says neighbor after 2-year-old dies in house fire

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A 2-year-old boy was killed in a house fire early Thursday morning.

Three of his family members were sent to the hospital with minor burns and scrapes but have been released.

Firefighters responded to the fire in the 100 block of Kettering Circle right before 8 a.m. It took 13 units just to extinguish the blaze.

The massive flames quickly turned the home into rubble.

Pam Reed lives next door and used to own the home.

“I was sleeping and I heard the fire trucks, and I heard some crackling. I had been in a fire before so I kind of got up just to see what was going on. And when I went outside, I saw my neighbors house had flames all inside and so I ran outside, and saw it was my old house that I used to live in, my backyard that was on fire, fully engulfed, said Reed.

The Lafayette Fire Department responded as well as fire departments from Judice, Scott, and Milton.

“It was a family of 4. Three of the residents were rescued and brought to the hospital, where they received treatment for minor burns and cuts to their body. Unfortunately, there was a 2-year-old toddler that was trapped inside and didn’t make it out. And the toddler was found deceased inside the home,” said Robert Benoit, Chief of the Lafayette Fire Department.

Investigators say the fire started from a sofa in the living room. The father told officials the 2-year-old was watching television when the fire erupted.

“Once the father got out of the structure, he tried to go back in and rescue the rest of his family, breaking windows and doors trying to get back in, he injured himself. He was able to go back in and get his wife and other child out the house. The good thing is we were able to save 3 lives, unfortunately, we lost one,” said Benoit.

“I can’t even tell them, you know. I’m so sorry to them for their loss. I’m so sorry,” said Pam Reed.

What exactly started the fire in the living room is still under investigation.

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