Winning Lottery Powerball ticket sold in Eunice

EUNICE La. (KLFY) – A single ticket purchased in Eunice, matched all six numbers in the Oct. 25 Powerball drawing.

The winning ticket is worth $191.1 million. It’s the largest single amount ever won in Louisiana Lottery history.

“I’m very excited for them. I hope they do good with it. I mean this is a great community over here,” says Michael Bellon, a Eunice resident.

The winner has not come forth yet but whoever won has many jealous that they didn’t buy their own lottery ticket.

“I wish I would have. But sometimes it’s meant not to be, so it wasn’t for me. But whoever wants it I’m glad for them,” says another Eunice native Genora Lawrence.

Many people we spoke with today were all excited that the lottery jackpot winner came from their community.

Garry Frank a regular customer at Brownie’s says, “This person that won it I hope they have, do something well with it. I pray for them and I thank God that it comes from someone that needed it.”

Wednesday night’s jackpot winner has yet to claim their prizes, but the president and CEO of the Louisiana Lottery recommend that the winner treat the ticket like cash and sign the back of it for security purposes.

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