Brown Patch

Today on your lawn and garden we’ll be talking about your yard and brown batches, how do these things appear?

It’s a fungus that gets in the lawn. But it takes the right temperatures and everything. So usually they’ll start in September, not September I’m sorry, October, November then it usually stops in the winter time. Then you’ll have it in January, February, and March the cooler times of the year and when it’s wet. That’s what favourable for it. I have chemicals to put out when you start seeing it, the little batches because they will start growing but they will start off small. If you don’t do anything. I have these fungicides right here I have it in the granular its called F-Stop, I have it in a liquid hoes in, or a concentrate. And for some people who have a real large lawn I have Honor Guard, its more concentrated with the same chemical. So you can put it in your own hose and sprayer and spray your lawn. But prevention, if you had it last year usually its lower areas in your lawn where it starts if you start spraying that area to prevent it, you wont have it this year

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