Opelousas law enforcement agencies form partnership to fight crime and drugs

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Two Opelousas law enforcement agencies are teaming up to take drugs of the streets and fight crime. The Opelousas City Marshal says the focus is on neighborhoods where drugs and crime are nearly taking over.

The request for manpower came from the Opelousas Police Department. “I’m being proactive and that’s what I’m doing,” states Chief Donald Thompson.

The chief says he’s shorthanded when it comes to manpower and that’s why he asked the City Marshal for help. “I had to reach out to the Marshal and to request assistant and to team up with us to combat this problem we have,” says Chief Thompson.

Opelousas City Marshal Paul Mouton explains he welcomes the partnership. Mouton talks about trying to get juveniles off the streets. “We searched these three juveniles and one had a nine millimeter under his shirt, one had a 25 automatic under his shirt and one had a 380 under his shirt.”

Marshal Mouton says his deputies are well-trained to know what to look for and how to find it. “We’re not looking at high dollar cocaine or any of those drugs.  We’re looking at the low level marijuana laced now with fentanyl,” adds Deputy Estrada.

“They’re even pressing it down to make pills to mimic actual prescription pills,” notes Deputy Whatley.

The Marshal points out the confiscated drugs and paraphernalia he’s showing are mere samples of what’s on the streets and what the two law agencies have found in Opelousas.

Marshal Mouton drives through the north end to show where the two teams will be spending plenty of time. “My message to them is that they can look for us because we’re coming to restore peace back where people can live and feel comfortable at their own house.”

Mouton figures about 90 percent of the crime in Opelousas is drug related. Plus, juveniles are taking part in many of the crimes which concerns the Marshal even more. “If we don’t take them off the streets, that’s all they’re going to know as they grow up,” says Mouton.

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