“Very frustrating the fact that we have to go through this again;” residents upset after downpours flood homes

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – residents living in Lafayette are picking up the pieces once again following yesterday‘s flooding.

“Very frustrating the fact that we have to go through this again,” said Cindy Meche, a resident who lives on Palms Boulevard near the mall.

Cindi and Beau Meche have lived in their home for over 3 years now, and have now been through two separate floods.

“We just finished clearing out our storage unit, and we had just moved back in. We were in the process of getting settled, and here we are right where we started,” said Cindi Meche.

The family says that by replacing their base boards and the flooring inside their home, it will cost them thousands of dollars.

“In here, there was definitely water, you could kick around. It was flooded all the way through to the back,” said Cindi.

They say they had 5 to 6 inches of water in their home last August, and Wednesday they had 1 inch.

“One inch don’t sound like much, but you got to replace floors, after just replacing floors,” said Beau Meche.

They are worried that there might not be enough people affected by the flooding on Wednesdsay, for their insurance company to step in and help.

“We are the only ones that they won’t cover us, and that’s just insane and we did flood. This is an absolute compelte flood, so I have to knock on neighbors doors to find out who else flooded, so I can present a case, to actually be covered for insurance,” said Cindi.

Beau says the new developments on Johnston Street are being built higher up than the actual neighborhoods nearby, causing the water to rush into homes when it rains heavily.

“All this will be full of water. You’l literally see water and silt coming down into the neighborhood,” he said.

They believe the drainage systems in the neighborhood needs improvement, their storm basins need to be cleaned out by the city, and their neighborhood needs to be labled a designated flood zone.

“How hard is it to get someone out there to clean out the gullies? I’m sure if they cleaned out the gullies it would help out in the long run,” said Beau.

Cindi and Beau both agree that this has to stop, or else they and other neighbors will be forced to move out of the city.

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