High school student arrested for using taser during fight on campus

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A 15-year-old is in the Lafayette Detention Center after using a taser during a fight Tuesday morning at Northside High School.

Once school resource officers got things under control, campus was placed on lockdown until the taser was located.

Lafayette Police Corporal Karl Ratcliff said, “It was located and the lockdown was lifted. So there was never any imminent danger to any of the other students.”

According to the mother, Ronada Poydras, it was her 15 year old son who is seen being punched and kicked in the head on video she shared with News 10.

Poydras says Tuesday was her son’s first day back at school in nearly 30 days.

“He didn’t even want to go back to school. He missed 29 days because of these same little boys. Yes, he was wrong for bringing the taser. He brought it because he was afraid. He wanted to defend himself because he knew that would have happened today”, Poydras said.

He only returned to school Tuesday after learning his mother may face truancy violations. “I have health issues, he doesn’t want to see his mama in jail. So, he went to school today and this is what happened. It’s the bullying and it’s sad.”

Poydras added that Northside administrators should pay more attention to bullying on campus.

Claudasha Watson who is a senior and student leader at Northside says, the school gets a bad rep and what happened Tuesday is not an everyday occurrence at school.

“There a lot of positive things that happen here at Northside but people just don’t pay any mind to it or it doesn’t get broadcasted like the negative things that get broadcasted,” said Watson.

The entire video can be viewed here.

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