Local women building stronger, safer communities

Earlier today this site was taken over by women in hot pink hard hats, ready to work and help build one deserving woman her very own home.

“This is day one of Women Build 2017 and we are really excited to be hosting a group of Iberia Bank employees who are with us to start building the walls at Diana McNeil’s home.”

For the next ten to twelve days, 20 women will be helping Diana McNeil become a first time home owner.

“I mean I didn’t expect that many people to come out but the support is great.”

“Lafayette is challenged to have affordable housing and many full-time hard time working people sometimes with two and three jobs really just don’t have the funds and the ability buy an entry-level home here.”

“An average starter home in Lafayette can cost a family nearly 180,000 dollars. Habitat for Humanity and Women Build work to help those families who can’t afford a house build a home.”

“So many of the homeowners we are building with our moms, they are single moms, they are women.”

Women Build is an annual initiative which helps empower women to build homes and get involved in the community.

“We are really able to come out and help people to get an affordable mortgage and give them a head start. It’s not a hand out it’s a hand up to be able to own their first home.”

Diana McNeil was working hard on her home along side of the volunteers today and couldn’t say thank you enough.

“Oh I’m overwhelmed, I am. I am so happy, blessed, and thankful that this time has come.”

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