New street name honors man who gives back to veterans

The founder of the Veterans Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana got a huge surprise Tuesday.

The street that leads to the new Veterans Clinic on Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Lafayette has been named in his honor.  “Rodney Hamilton Parkway.”

News Ten’s Renee Allen introduces us to the honoree.

“We’re told that Rodney Hamilton Senior has a long vested history of being committed to the well being and health of veterans. The naming is a marking that signifies that and signifies that there was a coalition behind bringing a new veterans clinic to Lafayette.

The coalition was founded by Rodney Hamilton Senior. He joined the U-S Marine Corps Reserve in 1949 at the age of 17.

Shortly there after he was called to active duty — the Korean War.

“I’m trying to keep my health as strong as possible so that i can continue helping veterans; not only this clinic but other items of interest for veterans as well.”

The coalition he says was founded about 8 years ago. He calls the effort behind the new V-A clinic a team approach by men and women who believed veterans deserve more than what the Pinhook location was offering.

“The services were just lacking and not only in things to satisfy needs but space and growth was almost impossible. That’s when i recognized something needed to be done.”

Hamilton says that’s when everyone jumped into action taking on yet another good fight.

His daughter watches as the sign is revealed.

“Just that he was given the honor. The plaque that’s in the lobby foyer is very super well done and to name the street is icing on the cake. it was just wonderful.”

“The sign we’re told was paid for through private dollars and that includes the work the builder did to get it done.”

In Lafayette, Renee Allen KLFY News Ten.

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