Veterans honored for their service at local retirement home

IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Veterans Day at Azalea Estates Retirement and Assisted-Living Community in New Iberia, came a little early for a few of their residents.

“We presented them each with a certificate of appreciation, and recognized what branch of the service they were in,” said Christine Thibodeaux, Executive Director of Azalea Estates.

The certificates were presented by a local serviceman from Lafayette.

“It meant a whole lot to be able to be with a company of fine people and a lot of veterans. Other than that you would’ve never seen them,” said Herbert Dartez, a resident of Azalea Estates who served in the Korean conflict.

17 veterans in total were honored at the ceremony.

Organizers of the event said it’s a great way for them to thank their residents for serving our country.

“We’re so proud of their service to our country, and we appreciate them every day, not just on Veterans Day,” said Thibodeaux.

Herbert Dartez says he’s thankful for his past 2 years at Azalea Estates, for bringing him closer to other service members.

“I met a lot of fine fellows, that served in the wars, whether it was World War I and World War II, and many of them are very nice people,” he said.

The day was a surprise for some, like Ulysses Langlinais, who was a prisoner of war in France, in what was then, German territory. He served on the infamous D-Day.

“Special? Yeah. It surprised me. I didn’t know we had this. You knew?”, said Langlinais.

There truly are many heroes among us, and they live right here in Acadiana.

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