Who will be the next police chief of Kaplan?

KAPLAN, La. (KLFY) – It’s been almost 2 months since State Police arrested Boyd Adams, Police Chief of Kaplan.
He was arrested in September on charges related to theft and malfeasance in office.

With campaign signs suddenly being taken down, and people not seeing him around town for months on end, a lot of people in Kaplan believe that Adams, might not seek re-election in March, opening the door for 3 other potential candidates to land the job.

The 3 other candidates who will be in the running for chief, are Ediberto Flores, Joshua Hardy, JoAnn Hargrave.

“The leadership has been a little shy per say,” Flores said.

“He still has the right to, if he’s not convicted. But with the accusations, that’s totally up to him,” said Hardy.

“Community relations is also of utmost importance to me,” said Hargrave.

For those considering running for the office, each candidate realizes that the trust with the community is a little broken, and needs to be fixed.

“If I take office, if I’m given the opportunity, I will make sure to take all precautionary measures to whatever he has been accused of, does not happen to me. Not on my shift,” said Flores.

“I believe that we should be very open, have a good communication between the mayor and the council. Work together and not handle any monies, within the police department,” said Hardy.

“To run a successful police department, you have to be able to work with all the city councilman. So I will make sure that we get that working relationship back,” said Hargrave.

Qualifying for the election runs from January 3 through January 5. Election day is March 24, 2018.

Below is what each candidate says will be their top priority if elected into the office:

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