Vermilionville celebrates Native American Culture Day

This Sunday was all about Native American culture in Vermilionville, and locals gathered to learn more about the tribes and their traditions.

Edward Chretien Jr. with the Atakapa-Ishak Tribe says, “It’s important to continue educating the people and letting them know that they have Native Americans here in Louisiana.””

Native American Culture Day is a day for representatives of Louisiana’s Native American tribes to celebrate their culture through craft and food demonstrations, music, dance, and cultural exchange.

“Many different tribes from Louisiana, all over Louisiana, have been coming out and representing their people, and we’ve been doing some dancing and some drumming. We each have our different stations that represent our culture,” says Christine Guidry Law with the Acadian Mik-Mak Tribe.

Visitors were able to learn about 10 different native tribes and celebrate their culture.

Director of Operations at Vermilionville, Brady Mckellar, says “It’s just a great opportunity for people to see what this culture was like. You know, these were the people that were here first and so it’s really great to see what their story is. But also how their culture has sort of contributed to kind of, like I said, the overall culture of Acadiana.”

Native American Culture Day is one of three annual culture days celebrated in Vermilionville- the other two celebrate the Acadians and the Creoles.

For any more information, you can visit Vermilionville’s website.


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