The technique of permanent makeup

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Applying facial makeup on a daily basis can be time consuming and costly.  Many people say they would consider the option of “permanent makeup” but aren’t sure what exactly they would be getting into.  The price for permanent makeup can run a few hundred bucks or even thousands depending on where you’re shopping.

“It would drive me nuts because I wouldn’t be able to take it off and I have a routine of taking my makeup off,” adds Acadiana Mall shopper.

“If I would wake-up looking fabulous every day, then of course. I could go to Walmart with my face already done? I’ll do it,” adds Acadiana Mall shopper.

Symetrie Cosmetic Tattoo Studio and Spa owner Kylie Neuville says permanent makeup uses pigment, not tattoo ink, meaning the makeup will gradually fade and require touch ups.  “It kind of gives people a peace of mind knowing it will get lighter and fade-off a little bit,” says Neuville.  Neuville explains the goal is to get a natural look.

Permanent makeup has come to be all the rage especially eyebrow microblading — a feathering technique that mimics hair when done right. It’s said to be the ideal solution to having the well-balanced eyebrow many people work hard to create.

Permanent makeup doesn’t stop at the eyebrows — there’s eyeliner, lip liner and lip color tattooing; just to a new a few. “We’re not going to do something that’s not going to age well and not look good over time,” says Neuville.

Neuville says it’s important for people to understand that the process of applying permanent makeup is a procedure that opens the skin which leaves the risk for blood borne pathogens and diseases if the environment isn’t clean. “Make sure you ask questions and that they have a license from the board of health.  The license means they have first aid certification, blood borne pathogens certification, and they’re following the right protocols.”

Neuville says permanent makeup is not for everyone.  “If you have diabetes, then you are not a candidate unless you have a note from your doctor.  If you have cancer, going through chemotherapy, pregnant or nursing; then you’re not a candidate,” states Neuville.

Neuville confirms that Symetrie is regulated by the State Department of Health.

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