Women claim the liquid inside a case of water cans wasn’t water; company responds

OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) Some Opelousas residents say they found alcohol in a few cans of water they got from the St. Landry Community Action Agency.

The women said that once said that once they peeled off the top label on the can, there was a beer label underneath, saying the drink had 6% alcohol content in it.

“I’m thinking it’s water, because I got 3 cases of this and I’m thinking it’s water,” said Seialna Seraille.

But when her 7 months pregnant sister Shamika Seraille and her Seialna’s own 3-year-old son drank the drink….

“I was wondering how after he drink it, he was acting funny. But I didn’t know what was going on, he just kept falling down. Me and his daddy kept trying to hold him, we wanted to know what’s going on,” said Seialna.

From the outside, it looks like a regular can of water.

“Now he’s sick with a little virus cause of this. We don’t know what’s in this, they can say it’s water, but it’s really not,” said Shamika Seraille.

The women say they picked up the cases of water from the St. Landry Community Action Agency. The agency said it had nothing to do with the mix up.
The twins believe the company that packaged the water cans is to blame.

“It says that during pregnancy you should not be drinking but, she did not know and she drank some, and that could’ve hurt my little niece or nephew in her stomach,” said Seialna.

We took the can to Bill Fontenot, St. Landry Parish President, who was quite disturbed when he peeled off the wrapping of the can.

“This is something we certainly don’t want to be a part of, and we don’t want our other sister parishes that are potentially passing out the same product through the same community action program. So thank you for being here, and we’re going to immediately halt passing this out,and we’re going to get some legal action regarding this,” said Fontenot.

For Seialna and her pregnant sister Shamika, they know this experience could have been a lot worse, and now they are going to take extra precautions before drinking anything.

“Now we got to watch ourself. We have to peel everything we see, to see if we’re not hurting our children or all those children in our stomach. You know that’s just crazy, it’s really crazy,” Seialna said.

We reached out to Braxton Brewing company, and the Kentucky-based brewery says it used its excess cans to assist Hurricane Harvey victims.
It shut down its brewing operation while filling the cans with water.

On Monday, Jonathan Gandolf, Braxton Brewing’s Chief Marketing Officer told KLFY that Kentucky-based brewery had shut down its brewing operation at the time the cans were filled with water. The company denies any mixing of beer and water.

: “We are 150 percent positive that those cans did not contain beer. It would actually be impossible because of how our equipment was operating at that time. But if you were to peel back the label, you would uncover a beer can. But there was only water in that can.”

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