Investigation underway at Lafayette Christian Academy after altercation involving weapon


Lafayette Police are investigating reports of an altercation at Lafayette Christian Academy where someone allegedly pulled out a gun.

Witnesses say two men were arguing in the parking lot just outside the gym when one of the men reportedly pulled out a weapon.

Harold Duffy Jr has a son who plays basketball for LCA. Duffy says while talking with friends inside the gym after the game, someone ran into the gym and yelled there was a man with a gun.

“Gun, gun somebody has a gun outside! That’s what I heard and that’s why everybody evacuated”, Duffy said.

Unsure about what was happening, Duffy followed instructions given by school leaders and exited the building.

Affected by the situation, Duffy said, “What hit home for me was, I ran out of the side door but my wife she watches the game from another area with her friends, I was with some of the guys and my son. When I ran out of the door, I didn’t know where any of them were.”

Duffy praised school administration and Lafayette Police for how quickly and professionally the situation was handled.

Pastor Jay Miller, President of Lafayette Christian Academy, told me via text message, the altercation was between two people not associated with LCA or the visiting Scott Middle school basketball team.

There were no injuries reported and no arrest was made but the gym was on lockdown until law enforcement secured the area.

“We felt pretty secure once they [LPD] made it there, to be honest with you. So, I think with this going like this, you almost have to have metal detectors at basketball games the way it’s going with the shootings in churches and all of that” said Duffy.

At this time, we can’t confirm or deny that the alleged gunman brought a weapon inside of the gym at any point last night.

For peace of mind, Pastor Jay says security will be present at all middle school basketball games for the remainder of the season.

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