ONLY ON TV: Crowley Police Department gets new life saving gear

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) Crowley Police now have a new tool that could save their lives if they’re injured in the line of duty.

News Ten’s Lester Duhe’ shows us what a tourniquet is, in a story you’ll see Only on Ten.

“And with them having these kits now, it gives me a little bit more peace of mind that they can assist their brother officer, until we can get someone on scene to help them out further.”

Of the 37 sworn officers in the Crowley Police Department, all of those who patrol now wear tourniquets.

“So this was a way they could help each other, and possibly the general public as well.”

Chief Jimmy Broussard with the Crowley Police Department says that the turniquets will go in all twenty of their marked units, and that they could potentially save the lives of his officers.

“In case a fellow officer is shot, they can administer some first aid treatment right there and at least try to stop the bleeding, or slow it down.”

The torniquet allows officers to tie up a bleeding wound and slow down the bleeding process. It also has some medication that can possibly help stop the bleeding.

The move is in response to a March shooting that left 2 women and a K-9 officer dead, as well as Crowley Police Officer Tate Thibodeaux injured.

“It really made us open our eyes that if something took place in our department, without immediate assistance, we were kind of lost.”

The tourniquet sets were donated by a company called Bleed Blue, to help in these situations.

Officer Derek Smith says it’s a huge sigh of relief for him.

“Hopefully we don’t have to use them but just in case the event does happen you know we have those that are ready, so i’m thankful for it.”

“And that’s our hope, that it will potentially save the lives of officers who each day, give their very lives and service to our community.”

In Crowley, Lester Duhe’ KLFY News 10.

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