KLFY Athlete of the week: Teurlings Catholic Quarterback Wesley Blazek

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Teurlings Catholic has relied on senior leadership all season long at the quarterback spot.

And it’s come in the form of 1st-year starter and 4-year contributor Wesley Blazek, the latest KLFY Athlete of the week.

Blazek led the Rebels all season including a first-round playoff win against Loyola.

Including a win in the first round of the playoffs vs. Loyola.

We prepared for Loyola, watched film, and what we saw is what happen. Receivers stepped up and made catches, and the o-line gave me a lot of time to pass, Blazek said.

And throw the ball he did.

Blazek went 13-18 for 240 yards and 3 touchdowns; he even ran in for a score.

Blazek says that when big plays happen it can rejuvenate a team.

“There’s a lot of confidence, everybody’s spirits are lifted up, and honestly once that happens, it is even easier to make plays,” he says.

Head coach Dane Charpentier says: “He’s been really efficient on offense, and kept us in good down and distance, vs. Loyola, that will be a little bit more of a challenge against U (niversity)-High

U-High is the next opponent for the rebels, in Baton Rouge, a Division 2 quarterfinal matchup.

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