New Iberia community calling for an end to shooting violence

Four people are suffering from gunshot wounds after the shootings Friday night.

This comes after Wednesday night’s shootings that left two injured and one dead.

News 10’s Rebeca Marroquin spoke to community members, who say they just want something to be done about the violence in their neighborhood.

A total of 10 people killed and 15 injured in New Iberia in the past year– all due to shootings, from what officials are calling a gang war.

Iberia Parish Sheriff, Louis Ackal says, “Absolutely I’m calling it a gang war. Absolutely it’s a gang war. There’s no other way to describe it.””

Ackal tells us that this is not going to stop until the community helps them out, “I hope it gets through to the public, to these people sitting at home. ‘I’m scared’ well yeah you’re gonna be scared and you’re gonna stay scared unless you help me to stop it. I need to, I need the community support. I need, if you know it’s gonna happen, let us know. If you know who did it, let us know. We’ll work it from there.”

Community members tell us that the violence has gotten so bad that they don’t even feel safe in their own homes any more.

Audrey August, a New Iberia resident, says, “This is [as] bad [as] I ever saw it, I mean it is bad right now.

You know I’m just not, I don’t feel comfortable in my own house. And when you don’t feel comfortable in your own house, it’s bad. And I really don’t.

As much as I love this [neighborhood], my apartment, I’m not safe. You know, I don’t feel safe. Until something gets done.”

If anyone has any information regarding these shootings, they are encouraged to call the Iberia Parish Crime Stoppers.

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