3 businesses downtown closed after fire Sunday morning; 2 closed indefinitely

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Three businesses located On Jefferson Street in Downtown Lafayette are closed, following a fire that sparked early Sunday morning.

The businesses include The Studio, Phillyana Cheesesteaks, and Pho’Tastic Vietnamese.


Some customers were in disbelief after the fire caused these three locations to close their doors.

“We wanted to get some Pho’Tastic while we’re waiting for her hair to dry, and it’s closed and I didn’t know. I’m kind of bummed, I was looking forward to eating it,” said Sarah Trotter, a customer of the restaurant.

While looking for a bite to eat downtown, she was shocked to learn that there was a fire at Pho’Tastic and the surrounding businesses.

“I was concerned, I had no idea. I saw the pictures, it looks pretty bad,” she said.

According to Alton Trahan with the Lafayette Fire Department, The blaze started early Sunday morning before 4:30.

It originated on the back patio of Phillyana Cheesesteaks, which is now rubble.

Then the blaze spread to Pho’Tastic Vietnamese, and then The Studio.

The Lafayette Science Museum had just little damage to its exterior.

“Because of the close proximity that you have of all those establishments downtown, we made sure we called a second alarm, which resulted in two or more fire trucks and an area truck, so we had a total of just about 35 firefighters out there,“ said  Lafayette fire chief Alton Trahan.

It took fire officials 30 minutes to put out the blaze, worrying that it would spread to the surrounding buildings downtown.

“And everything that really hurt the three of them, Pho’Tastic too, is they don’t have any electricity, because all of the meters are located in the back area too, and they all sustained substantial fire damage,” Trahan said.

The owners of Phillyana Cheesesteaks and The Studio, told News 10 they are grateful for the fire departments quick response.

Now customers are anxious to see when some of their favorite restaurants will be back in business.

“We’d encourage everyone to pray for them, praying for all three of these businesses,” said  Rick Roberts, a Phillyanna customer.

“I hope they fix it up soon so I can eat it before I go back to Vermont,” said Trotter.

News 10 spoke with the owner’s of The Studio and Phillyana Cheesesteaks, and they both said they should have a timetable of when they will open back up in the upcoming days.

Pho’Tastic is scheduled to be closed through November 26.

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