Large crowds expected at St. Joseph’s Diner on Thanksgiving Day

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A local diner commited to helping the homeless prepares for the influx of people that the cold weather and the holidays could bring.

“Serving three meals a day, 365 days a year, St. Joseph’s Diner is staying busy, and with the holidays coming up, they are hoping to provide help to those in need,” said Ben Broussard, director of external affairs for Catholic Services of Acadiana. “There are people in our community who are experiencing hunger and homelessness and poverty. And, as the seasons start to change, as the weather starts to change, their situation gets a little more serious.”

Catholic Services of Acadiana is a multi-service organization committed to social change. Their ultimate goal is to rapidly move people from homelessness into stable housing.

With six agencies, catering to different needs, they believe homelessness should be rare and brief.

“We serve 330 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Broussard said. “365 days out of the year, right here inside the diner, and then our other operations are here to assist them as well in their need.”

Broussard  tell us that providing a hot meal is a great start to helping someone in need, get back on their feet. However, he says none of this is possible without their volunteers and they are always in need of more people.

“Along with St. Joseph’s Diner, we have five other operations that are in need of assistance, of donations, of resources. and so we would invite those who have a heart to serve, to get in touch with us and we can find a place to plug them in.”

If you’re interested in donating some food, or your time, you can visit




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