Local business owners in Grand Coteau are providing Thanksgiving meal essentials for families in need

GRAND COTEAU, La. (KLFY)- Local business owners in Grand Coteau are providing Thanksgiving essentials for those who need extra help during the holiday season.


The Flower Barn truck is normally filled with balloons, flowers and gifts. The truck is now filled with Thanksgiving essentials for families who need a little help during this holiday season.

“I’m looking so forward to this. Thank you Jesus. God is good.”

From doorstep to doorstep.

“It’s a blessing. Very much so. Very grateful.”

The Flower Barn and J&J Exterminator hand delivered over 20 packaged boxes filled with items needed for a plentiful Thanksgiving dinner.

“It’s a big process. A lot of work. From now until Christmas we’re hoping to feed about two-hundred families,” said Charles Duhon, the manager of J&J.

The owner of The Flower Barn, Dawn Mouton, created the original idea of feeding one family,  as just a sign of gratitude.

“With the community being so helpful to us, opening our business a year and a half ago. They’ve been here day in and day out to support us. So it’s the least we can do to support them,” she said.

One Facebook post led to over 20 families reaching out.

“Once we started getting multiple families involved, we can’t cook 20 meals. So this was the easiest way,” said Mouton.

Instead of cooking the meal for one family, Dawn decided to provide the ingredients for 20.

“We think that families will actually enjoy it this way. The whole Thanksgiving tradition really is the cooking process anyway,” Mouton added.

J&J Exterminator joined in on the efforts and donated as much as they could.

“Let’s get this job done. Nobody should be hungry in this city,” said Duhon.

Several families shared their individual stories with Dawn. She believes no struggle outweighs another and was able to help everyone who contacted her.

“We will enjoy this meal. Without yall, this wouldn’t be possible.”

The Flower Barn and J&J plan to turn this act of giving into an annual tradition.



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