Thanksgiving edition of the Daily Advertiser is the largest edition of the year

LAFAYETTE , La (KLFY)- The Thanksgiving edition of the Daily Advertiser brings some readers out a day early to pick up their paper.

It’s officially the biggest edition of the year. Newspapers way between one to two pounds, this edition weighs about three and a half pounds.
Forty-three adds for Black Friday, a two-page crossword puzzle, and Thanksgiving recipes are stuffed into this years edition.
Cars lined the parking lot as eager readers waited to get their hands on a copy of the special addition during the pre-sale today.
We are getting it so that we can see all the sales for Black Friday because we go shopping with her family,” says Madison Lenox who was first in line this year.
“This just shows how relevant print still is, and particularly at a time like Thanksgiving when you have extra time with family and friends you want to spend the time doing something fun and so the crossword puzzle‘s are a great example but also just really getting into reading the nice heartwarming stories. It’s just part of a tradition,” says the paper president, Judi Terzotis.
If you missed today’s pre-sale, subscribers of the daily advertiser will receive the same copy in your driveway tomorrow.

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