The Best of 90 plus: “With Love, anything is possible”

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – She’s sassy, loaded with personality and light on her feet.

Violet Leblanc was born in Lafourche Parish.  Leblanc has turned 102-years-old.  Leblanc is the mother of seven children and she has close to three dozen great-grandchildren.

Leblanc says she has lived through several wars and the Great Depression.  Leblanc explains that she was born in 1915 in Leeville and raised in Cut Off, Louisiana.

Leblanc says she was born just as a massive storm hit and destroyed nearly everything in the area.  “I’m not registered. I tried to get a passport to go to Europe but all my papers were destroyed with the storm,” adds Leblanc.

Leblanc is the sister to seven brothers.  She admits that she had little schooling and spent 47 years working for the church.  “I had one sister who died at 8 months and another sister who was not well.  She did not live very long either.  I was the only girl,” says Leblanc.

Her father she explains purchased an oyster reef and they lived on the water.  That’s just the way life was; and a good life she says at that.  “We built on the water. I only had a yard to play in when the tide was low,” says Leblanc.

Leblanc remembers when her father eventually built his own little city right there in Cut Off. “He built a pavilion, a barbershop, butcher shop and a dry goods store.  With no education he always managed to make money.”

Leblanc has another family dear to her heart.  It’s her very own children, seven of them. “My youngest son said how you managed to raise seven children with no money.  I said with love anything is possible.”

Leblanc explains she never thought she would reach the age she is today.  She talks about learning about the car share service Uber.  “My grandson came over.  I said how are you going to get back?  He pushed the button and said that’s the woman who’s coming to pick me up and that’s the car,” explains Leblanc.

Even through the changing times and the years that have gone by Violet calls her life “good.”  “People always ask me what’s your secret? I say there’s no secret. Live the best of your abilities but always put God first.”

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