Here in Acadiana, Black Friday is a family tradition

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- With more and more people shopping online rather than in the store, the question remains on whether or not the Black Friday experience is still worth it.

Here at Academy, Acadiana shoppers say the idea is not about just purchasing the items, but about spending time with their family.

“This is so much more fun,” shopper Kayla Bonin said. “We kind of did it with family, we went had breakfast at IHOP. I mean, we kind of just made an experience out of it

From matching shirts and shoes to hats, we’ve seen it all.”

“We haven’t stopped. We’ve been here since like four something,” Tega Gary, another morning shopper, said.

The line of people outside of Academy wrapped around the building as eager shoppers waited to bust through the doors at 5 a.m.

“We’ve been here since 3 a.m. this morning, just to get random things that were in the paper,” Kylie Guidry said.

Store officials say high-demand items bring in tons of people, which calls for more security.

“Trampolines, swing sets, we have ride-ons, scooters, fire-pits,” store manager Tara Blanchard said.

Blanchard has worked for Academy for 18 years. She says they have Black Friday procedures down to a science.

“We make sure everybody is lined up safely up against the wall, so it doesn’t impede the traffic, she said.

Shoppers say this event is a way to check items off their gift list in just a matter of hours.

“We’ve been to four or five stores and we’ve been able to pretty much get everything we need in those four to five stores,” Bonin said.

The overall message received from shoppers and employees today is that shopping local is still the way to go.

“Shopping online may still be convenient, but you miss out on that personal experience that we can offer you here,” said Blanchard.

“We’re just kind of hanging out having fun,” Bonin said.

From basketball goals, trampolines, to even hover boards, those are just a few items that people are hoping to pick-up on the Black Friday deals.


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