Local outdoors shop provides Black Friday alternative

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – This year, many opted out of the Black Friday deals and decided to enjoy the outdoors.

Pack and Paddle organized the event, allowing locals to enjoy a day outside and in each other’s company instead of worrying about the hassle of shopping in the large crowds.

Shop owner, John Williams, tells News 10 that he’s always enjoyed the outdoors and wants to show the Lafayette community that anyone is able to participate in the activities, no matter their skill set.

He says, “All kinds of people [attended]. It looked like the youngest person here was about two years old and I don’t know how old the oldest person is, but I would say well into their 70’s. So we have everyone from the very experienced paddle club people who paddle all the time, to people who rented boats and this is their first time in a kayak.”

After a long morning on the river, participants were invited to a community lunch at the shop, where they were able to enjoy a little gumbo and a lot of comradery.

Kallie Colomb, Park and Paddle’s events and trips coordinator says, “We want you to come here and make memories with us and then we’ve incorporated this community lunch so it brings people together.”

Trip-goers say skipping out on the shopping was well worth it. Ferdie Iseringhausen tells us, “Doing this today with this beautiful weather on the river- I’ve been on the river a lot of times in a boat but never in a canoe- and it was just, it was a real treat. A real holiday treat.”

Pack and Paddle plans on hosting the Black Friday shopping alternative every year and encourages those interested in outdoors trips to participate in the years to come.

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