Pecan Cracking

It’s time for your lawn and garden with John Chastant, I hate painting and I hate cracking pecans.

Oh you do!

Can you help me?

Well at the store we crack pecans you know we have machines, we have like three machines and we crack them all day. So if you want to bring a 10 pounds, 50 pounds, we crack them usually within the day. Yes they do a great job. Also if you’re at home, and don’t want to do that and have time to crack them yourself we have this old baby here works great and we sell them, the pecans in a one pound bags and three pound boxes which is great for the holidays with all the cakes and cookies and things like that. But remember we still have the pickers to roll up your pecans and put them in real quick, they do a great job and some people still fertilize but it’s a little late right now. Have to wait to fertilize the pecan trees till February or March.

Is there a difference between pecans locally and from afar?

They have different varieties but we can grow them all here. So you sell a lot of locally grown pecans? Yes, we buy and sell. We sell to the pecan companies and come pick up. Ok so some of these available at the store that would make a good gift. Definitely you know, it works well, you can adjust it with different size components. So if you want to make a great pecan pie for the holidays head on over to Chastant Brothers

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