The City of Scott about 300 meters away from completing its new automated water meter project

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The City of Scott no longer has water meter readers on staff.  Mayor Purvis Morrison says in Scott some of the meters are nearly 50 years old. The mayor explains the change will affect a little more than 3,000 customers. Thus far, the city has about 2,700 of the work orders completed.

Mayor Morrison says the remaining meters are mainly business related. “Most of those are our master meters for the trailer parks and for our business owners,” adds Morrison.

The mayor says the automated meters allow customers to go online using an app. Customers will be able to see the amount of water and when the water is being used. A spike in the middle of the night could indicate a leak or some other issue which would explain a higher than normal water bill.

The mayor says the readings will be more accurate. “If it’s raining and cold, then you got to open these things up and read these things. It can be pretty rough. Now, you just push a button and it’s up,” adds Morrison.

The automated meters are basically a reading device with an antenna attached to the water line. Maintenance Supervisor Timmy Nero says if anything, it’s a time saver. Plus, customers can pinpoint water usage problems that were once difficult to prove. “We don’t have to go out in the field and read a meter. If somebody has a problem with a bill, we just look on the computer and it’s there,” says Nero.

Mayor Morrison says the meter system is being purchased through a $980,000 low interest loan grant that has a $250,000 forgiveness. “You look at the cost of the meter readers and what you are paying every day, every year and every month. The note is paid for through that,” explains Mayor Morrison.

Morrison expects the project to be fully complete by the beginning of 2018.

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