Experts calling 2017 hurricane season the most expensive in history

(Photo: NASA)

Hurricane season ends in just three days and experts are calling it the most expensive in history.

That’s according to disaster modelers who estimate there’s been more than $202 billion in damages so far.

State Rep. Lori Berman said all of Florida will feel the impact from this nasty hurricane season.

There were 10 hurricanes in just six months and, for the first time, three Category 4 hurricanes hit the United States: Harvey, Maria and Irma.

“Hurricane Irma was one of the largest storms we have ever seen,” Berman said. “It impacted the states from the Florida Keys to the Panhandle.”

This year’s unusual hurricane season killed hundreds and left thousands picking up the pieces.

“Even here in Palm Beach County, we have some areas where there are still tarps on roofs and people are still trying to rebuild and recover from the storm,” Berman said.

She said Hurricane Irma will have a direct impact on next year’s budget, leaving little money for local projects.

“In Palm Beach County, we often put in money for water improvement projects,” Berman said. “We will put in money for our universities for them to build new buildings. Those kinds of projects are going to be very limited because of the hurricane.”

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